Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Hello sparkle warkles! I'm pretty excited for today's post because I'm re-swatching a polish that I swatched on my blog 4 years ago! It's the Color Club Magnetic Nail Polish in Sci-Fi.


4 Years Ago:

I used to use a DSLR camera, but now I use my iPhone haha. I feel like I definitely took more care of my cuticles and the sizing of the picture is nicer now xD If you want to see the old post, it's here.

Thanks for revisiting the past with me! Until next time!


Saturday, June 24, 2017

JUNE JULEP BOX: Full of Holo Polishes!

Hi guys!
So I received my June Julep box earlier this month, and haven't gotten around to playing with them until now. I chose three holo colors, just because I haven't tried any holographic polishes from Julep so I wanted to see how they worked. I chose Tessa, Elsie, and Jaydra.

So first up is Tessa, a beautiful deep blue holo. The lid says liquid holographic, not sure what that means LOL. But it's beautiful and it was almost a one coater! Very impressive. Andddd, I'm a sucker for blue polishes so... Def one of my faves 😍

Next up if my favorite from this month's box, Elsie. It's a cherry holo with a squishy jelly feeling. I really like how soft and squishy this looks haha. It says sheer on the bottle cap, again not sure what that means because I was able to achieve full opacity at 2 coats. The holo does seem to be less noticeable than Tessa though.

Lastly, is Jaydra, a beautiful dusty rose mauve shade. This was originally my favorite, just looking at the bottle, but the holo in this one was just a little disappointing.... It doesn't really show up against the base color, and is only really noticeable in bright light. It's a beautiful everyday color to wear though. Two coats with ease.

Okay, that's it for this month's box! Overall I'm very impressed by these polishes. I used to have some formula issues with Julep polishes being too runny and thin, but these are perfect!

Let me know which color was your favorite hehe, until next time! Feel free to find me up on insta! @steamiexo


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Sally Hansen Nail Strips: TATTOO MUCH

Hi everyone!

Soooo, nail wraps. Aren't they the easiest form of nail art? Takes 2 seconds and BAM you get a perfectly artistic piece of work on your nails. I have a love hate relationship with them though, I love them in that they are super fast and beautiful, but I hate them in that they're hard to get smooth, and they're single-use. Sooo, $8 for a manicure 😅

But rant aside, I have the Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips in Tattoo Much. Very Ed-Hardy vibes. Here's what they look like on:

And surpriseeee I got them on sale for $4, so yay. More pros, less cons! Hahaha, let me know what your guys' opinions of nail wraps are! That's it for today heh.